Les mystères de Marseille

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Front cover

Publisher: Éditions Sans-Détour

Product Code: Unknown

Publishing Year: Canceled (scheduled for late 2018)

Pages: Unknown

Cover Price: Unknown

Author(s): Alicia Hamimi, Raphaël Hamimi

Artist(s): Maxime Teppe

Setting(s): Unknown

Format(s): Unknown

ISBN: Unknown



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Comments / Trivia

Les mystères de Marseille [Mysteries of Marseille] was conceived and designed as a supplement for the French edition of Call of Cthulhu published by Éditions Sans-Détour to cover the French city of Marseille. Planned as a followup to Sans-Détour's Les mystères de Lyon [Mysteries of Lyon], the book as designed by that company was set to cover the history of the French port city Marseille, as well as its myths and folklore, and its occult underbelly. The book was slated to introduce new Mythos creatures, as well. Rounding it out were new scenarios set in the city.

Although on the verge of release, Les mystères de Marseille was still unreleased when Sans-Détour lost the rights to publish Call of Cthulhu games in December 2018. However, after the Call of Cthulhu license transferred to Edge Entertainment, the company announced in 2020 that the book would be released with them as the publisher after some modifications to bring the rules more closely in line with the 7th edition of Call of Cthulhu published by Chaosium.


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