Manfred Escher

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Manfred Escher, Pegasus Press art director and illustrator 2001-2011

Manfred Escher was an Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator for Pegasus Spiele GmbH from 2001-2011.


Manfred Escher first encountered Lovecraftian horror in 1990 the form of German and English language Cthulhu RPG games and fiction in a popular Munich RPG shop, beginning with the 1986 German-language Cthulhu RPG Auf Cthulhus Spur. The alien Lovecraftian names and marked darkness in tone and mood compared the more typical Tolkienesque sword-and-sorcery fantasy fiction and RPGs popular at the time sparked Escher's creative imagination and fascination with Lovecraft's fiction and the Call of Cthulhu RPG, helping Escher to encourage his friends to try the game, and spreading its popularity in Germany. To help spread the word and organize interest in Cthulhu gaming, Escher established a web presence as an art designer through his short-lived website from 1999, where Pegasus Spiele GmbH Editor-in-Chief Frank Heller discovered the artist, contacted him, and introduced him to Pegasus Spiele in 2001, where Escher contributed to numerous product cover illustrations and internal artwork; anyone who saw a German-language Cthulhu book in the store in the 2000s and beyond, probably looked at an cover illustration by Manfred Escher of Munich, Germany. Beginning in 2001, the freelance media designer and art director significantly influenced the visual appearance of Pegasus Spiele German Cthulhu-inspired horror role-playing products such as Cthuloide Welten and Cthulhu Now, before retiring after a decade of work in 2011 (shortly after Heller) did, and has since worked freelance in Media Design, Graphic Design, Corporate Design, and Illustration.

Comments / Trivia

  • Notes, hints and anecdotes about Manfred Escher are completely lacking in his works, notably the otherwise excellent overview of Escher's work, Cthulhu Design (Portfolio), which contained little a great deal of information about the products Escher designed and contributed art for, but very little detail about the artist himself. Much of the biography above was pieced together from archives of the website, Escher's announcement of resignation from Pegasus following Heller, and what little else is known publicly about Heller's career at Pegasus based on vague credits in the content he contributed to.


An example of Manfred Escher's characteristic artwork: 1st Ed. Spieler-Handbuch

See the covers and other artwork for a range of Cthulhu-themed Pegasus Press game products and magazines over the early 2000s, including: