Pursuit to Kadath (Scenario)

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Included in "Pursuit to Kadath"

Pages: 56

Authors: Bob Galagher, John Diaper, Lawrence Flournoy, Steve Rawling, and Ed Wimble

Artists: Joe Eagle, Lawrence Flournoy, Elizabth Liss, Elaine Shatto, and Dawn Wilson

Setting: 1920s (specifically, 1923)

Appears in: Pursuit to Kadath (Supplement)


The investigators, college students at Miskatonic University, look into a bank robbery after they recognise a fellow student in a gruesome newspaper photo. Along the way they travel to New York, Boston, Europe and Turkey.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


This lengthy scenario begins in Arkham, but very quickly departs on a globe-trotting adventure in pursuit of a possessed MU student (and son of a US Senator) who is hell-bent on performing a ritual in an obscure part of Turkey. The section in Arkham focuses on a prequel scene in which the Investigators attend the party at which an "innocent" session with an ouija board leads to the student's possession, and the mystery of two crimes committed weeks later by the alien possessor. The first of these involves a murder committed apparently by a disembodied arm; the second a bank robbery in which the perpertrator was apparently invisible.


Player Handouts: Newspaper articles “Police Officer Attacked”, “Bank Robbery”, “Reggie Carstairs Meets Death”, “Brutal Murder Poses $100,000 Mystery”, “Amelia Meets Mystery Man”

Locations: Massachusetts (Arkham and Boston), New York, Turkey

Creatures: Dragon Warriors, Ghouls, Nightgaunts, Vampires, Yig, Avatar of Yig

Tomes and Artifacts: The Pnakotic Manuscripts, Spirit Board (rules)

Campaigns / Scenarios: The All-Seeing Eye of Alskali in the same book is a follow-up.


Despite its title, this supplement has nothing to do with the Dreamlands. It refers to a place in Turkey, not Unknown Kadath: the Kadath in the scenario is a mountain in Turkey not the Dreamlands location.

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