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Sogailraugh is a 2006 creation of Oscar Rios, and appears in his Dark Ages scenario "A Ring of Toadstools", where it can optionally be used as the foundation for a longer campaign.

Sogailraugh in Cthulhu: Dark Ages

Sogailraugh (the name perhaps translates roughly as "Grey Stone Hill"?) is a fictional Dark-Ages town in mid-western Ireland, in the province of Connacht, in the kingdom (tuath) of Ui Briuin Ai, loosely 100 miles (160km) west of Dublin.

Sogailraugh is home to about a hundred people (about one third each men, women, and children): a dozen landed families, a few landless renting families, a modest Catholic church, the manor of the local lord (ri tuath) Diarmuid. Eight families have large, prosperous farms (chiefly a variety of crops like wheat, barley, and turnips, as well as livestock like sheep, pigs, and cattle), the rest are craftsmen dwelling in a small central village area.

The village is said by locals to be near a "thin spot" between the mortal world and the fairy world of Tir na Nog (The Land of Eternal Youth), and disappearances, strange sounds in the hill, and other disturbances in the area are often blamed on the fairies. A community bonfire is kept lit to protect the town at night.

Day-to-day life in Dark Ages Sogailraugh is largely that of a small but prosperous rural hill community with a local barter economy. The primary language is Gaelic, but about a third of the villagers also speak English, and a few villagers may speak other languages (Norse, Latin, etc.) as well. Village meetings are held in the local lord's hall, and Sunday morning will find virtually all the members of the community in the local church. The church is large and spacious, and its clergy are generally kind, well-educated, and tolerant of the more harmless local traditions (such as fortune-telling, festivals and ceremonies, etc.), as long as they don't strongly challenge the Church. The lord's manor is a fortified structure with defensive towers and walls, which can serve as a shelter if the town should ever come under attack.


Map Key

Crude copy of original map.

Key to the map found in the scenario "A Ring of Toadstools", circa A.D. 960:

  1. Farm: o'Baoil (Boyle), cattle
  2. Farm: o'Dufaigh (Duffy)
  3. Farm: Mag Aoidh (Magee)
  4. Farm: o'Griofa (Griffin)
  5. Farm: o'Mordha (Moore)
  6. Farm: o'Conghaile (Connolly)
  7. Farm: Mag Uidhir (Maguire)
  8. Farm: Caomhanach (Kavanagh)
  9. Cottage: Old Murtagh, Trapper and Hunter
  10. Cottage: Outcasts' Shack, Shiftless Ne'er-Do-Wells
  11. Cottage: o'Cionga (King), Charcoal Burner
  12. Cottage: Mamma Ryanne, Midwife/Healer/Fortune-Teller
  13. Shop: o'Cuilinn (Cullen), Tanner
  14. Shop: Meagher (Maher), Bakery
  15. Shop: de Barra (Barry), Blacksmith
  16. Shop: o'Coileain (Collins), Pottery & Weavers
  17. Church: Father Ennis
  18. Manor Fort: Lord Diarmuid
  • Rumors of strange disturbances center around the "Haunted Forest" and the "Fairy Ring" (an eerie circle of ancient oaks and giant toadstools) and mysterious ruined tower said to be found somewhere deep within the forest.
  • The Townsfolk keep a bonfire burning on High Hill as protection against whatever lives in the forest, and the bonfire plays an important ceremonial role in the village.