Steff Worthington

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Steff J. Worthington has been a map artist for 20 years on mostly personal projects in line with his gaming habits but is a graphic designer by trade. Game-wise he's been seen in print for Chaosium, Vigilance Press, Dark Skull Studios, and Shaun Duke's "The World in the Satin Bag". When he's near a group of other artists and writers in the gaming industry at conventions he feels like a gatecrasher at a party, as if he's turned up in a hawaiian shirt and shorts to a tuxedo evening and and at any moment he will be unmasked as a fraud.

He's a keen advocate of forward looking design and uses his current copy of 'Creative Review' as a knife vest in times of trouble. A student of the 22 string harp and Celtic and Scandinavian languages he is also a frequent contributor to articles and discussions on the Arthurian Cycle. He can often be seen on the streets of Birmingham, UK dodging cars and unhealthy snacks and dreaming of finding a home back in his beloved North Wales/Chester.