The Armstrong Malison

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Publisher: ADP Systems

Product Code: N/A

Publishing Year: 1990

The Armstrong Malison (front cover)

Pages: 62 (based on 2005 PDF release)

Cover Price: ?

Author: Tony Hickie

Setting: 1920s

Formats: Softcover, PDF (2005 revision)


Scenarios: The Armstrong Malison

Front Cover Text

Back Cover Text

Comments / Trivia

"The Armstrong Malison, The Preacher and the Cross, and The Curse all began life as parts of an on-going Call of Cthulhu campaign that I ran in Aberdeen during the 1980s. That campaign interwove commercial Cthulhu investigations (mostly from the Chaosium stable) with my own. The campaign had connections linking investigations together so that the players involved began to become aware that there was an underlying conspiracy involved in most of the mysteries their investigators encountered. As originally written, Armstrong, Preacher and Curse all had connections leading ultimately to one arch-villain (finally identified in The Armstrong Malison). The arch-villain character was also substituted for leading characters in published investigations such as Shadows of Yog-Sothoth.

Along with many Keepers, I had a high opinion of the investigations I'd developed and approached Chaosium about the possibility of publication under their label. Eventually Chaosium decided the investigations were unsuitable for them to pursue and I then moved to considering self-publication. This involved some further negotiations with Chaosium during which at some point wires got crossed and either Chaosium misunderstood what my intentions were or I misunderstood what Chaosium were saying to me. Suffice to say I went ahead with self-publication, Chaosium objected on the grounds that they'd understood I was contemplating hobby-distribution only, and I ended up pulling the investigations from circulation.

What is now being made available courtesy of Paul and are revised versions of the three investigations originally published by ADP Systems. Some of the revisions are minor and some are more significant: after all, I've had over 15 years to tinker with them. Whatever the results, I hope that they provide some pleasure for anyone who wants to download them. If anyone wants to discuss anything regarding them, please feel free to contact me through MiskatonicTony at Yog-Sothoth and I'll do my best to reply promptly."


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