Trail of Cthulhu Core Rules

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Trail of Cthulhu


Publisher: Pelgrane Press

Page Count: 248

Author: Kenneth Hite

GUMSHOE System: Robin D Laws

Artist: Jérôme Huguenin

Original Call of Cthulhu RPG: Sandy Petersen and Lynn Willis


Trail of Cthulhu is a complete RPG, under license to Chaosium. It offers a variant rules system for the Call of Cthulhu game and is set in the 1930s.

Trail of Cthulhu's core system is the 'GUMSHOE engine', which focuses on investigative roleplaying and police procedural type scenarios.

To quote Pelgrane Press's website, Trail of Cthulhu supports "...both Pulp (for Indiana Jones, Robert E. Howard, thrilling locations sorts of games) and Purist styles of play(for intellectual horror and cosmic dread). HP Lovecraft's work combined both, sometimes in the same story.

"It includes a new take on the creatures, cults and gods of the Lovecraft's literature, and addresses their use in gaming. It adds new player backgrounds, and bulk out the GUMSHOE system to give intensive support for sanity, incorporating into the rule set the PCs desire to explore at the risk of going mad."

Comments / Trivia

In 2008, Trail of Cthulhu won two Ennie awards for Best Rules and Best Writing, as well as receiving an honourable mention for Product of the Year.


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